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The Process of Buying a Bloxx Building Container

First, we are so excited you have trusted us with your container project. We are certified modular home builders and take great pride in creating a high-quality outcome that you’ll be happy with for years to come. All of our builds follow 2018 IRC CODE standards.

As far as the process, here’s what you can expect:

1. Browse our website for different floor plan and upgrade options available to you

2. Contact us with the floor plan that best fits your needs along with any additional options you may want so we can get a finalized quote for you

a. Note: Finished products start at $29,000 and go up from there based on what you want to see in your new container home, lodge, or office

3. Sign the contract which you will receive and return it along with the deposit on your project to secure your spot on our build list.

4. Your container is going to go through the following build processes

a. Cutting windows and doors and welding in frames

b. Painting which depending on the container condition may include as many as 7-steps in the process of blasting, waterproofing, priming, and painting the exterior

c. Epoxy sealant process on the floors

d. Framing

e. Insulation

f. Plumbing

g. Electrical

h. Walls, floors, and interior painting

5. While we’re making your dream a reality, it’s time for you to start doing some preparations to where you’re going to want your new container. You’ll need to consult with a local contractor to plan for water, sewage, electricity, and a foundation. We can make recommendations for the foundation

6. We’ll send periodic updates so you can see the process as it’s happening

a. Depending on the financial option chosen at the beginning of the process, a progress payment may be required at the 50% of completion point

7. Your project has been completed which means it’s now time for delivery. Please make sure the road in is dry, clear of obstructions, and at least 10 feet wide with no sharp turns.

a. Your remaining balance on the project will be due before delivery occurs

8. Your new container has been delivered by Bloxx, and now it’s time for you to enjoy!!

If you’re interested in a new container home, hunting lodge, office, or any other container-based project, please reach out! We’d love to answer any questions you might have and have a chance to earn your business!

Fill out the contact form on our website or drop us an email at


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