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Why Choose a Bloxx Building Container over traditional construction?

This is a question we’ve been asked several times, and love discussing it with customers. Here’s some of the reasons we love building dream spaces out of shipping containers:

1. Durable

a. All containers go through process with as many as 7-steps including blasting, waterproofing, priming, and painting as necessary. The interior floors go through an epoxy sealant process before we get to work on framing and completing your project.

2. Cost effective and quick

a. Because we’re using existing shipping containers, we can get your project built much faster than traditional stick building. Once your spot comes up on our build list timeline, you can typically expect a unit ready to be delivered in 8-10 weeks. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or want a home away from home, our Bloxx Building containers won’t leave you with a huge payment compared to other options.

3. Steel structure

a. Shipping containers are built using 4 tons of steel. One of the foundations options involves inserting a metal plate in the concrete footings. Once the container is delivered to your land, it can be welded to those metal plates to permanently attach it to the foundation. The steel container structure combined with a welded foundation means your container is much more likely to withstand Mother Nature as compared to other structure types. An example in which a container-based dwelling withstood a category-5 typhoon proves this!

4. Minimalistic

a. There’s been a huge push in the last several years to migrate towards a minimalistic lifestyle, and tiny homes quickly grew in popularity. Our floor plans are designed to give you storage options without having an overbearing space filled with items. Our goal is to bring you peace and relaxation!

5. Environmentally friendly

a. This type of architecture is generally considered a green, sustainable, or eco-friendly form of building due to the containers being recycled and having a smaller footprint. Recycling used shipping containers avoids turning them into a discarded pile of steel.

6. Saves your sanity

a. If you're building in a remote location, it can be tough at times for you to not only oversee the project, but for the work to get done in a timely and acceptable manner. All of our containers are built at the Bloxx manufacturing facility before being delivered to the desired location. Our team is certified as modular home builders and everything in our containers follows 2018 IRC CODE standards. This means you can rest assured your project is in good hands and every detail is being given the utmost attention.

We're ready to get your spot reserved on our build list! Contact us at with any questions or final quote information.


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