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All Used Shipping Containers Are NOT Equal

All used shipping containers are NOT equal. Some look like this:

While others look like this:

The difference matters.

At Bloxx Building, we use new (or One-Trip) containers for projects such as modular homes, hunting lodges, or offices especially in applications where the exterior will not be clad.

In many applications such as commercial storage or personal storage in remote locations, the appearance is not as important. Even so, it is important to ensure that their condition is suitable for the intended purpose.

The container industry has developed a system to indicate the general class of used containers as follows:

  • One Trip (also often called Brand New or Single Use) is the best condition category. As the name implies, these containers are initially new and used to transport goods to the destination where the container is generally then sold. With 85-90% of shipping containers produced in China, this means that the cost of shipping it to the U.S. has already been incurred.

  • Cargo Worthy (CW) containers will have some rust and dents, but are still in a condition to protect cargo from the elements. They are typically used for shipping overseas which requires they have been certified to meet the CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) requirements for shipping. This certification document is then required before the container can be loaded on a ship to ensure that they are unlikely to fail when stacked up to nine units high. It is not unusual for these to be 10-15 years old and are generally cheaper than One-Trip units.

  • Wind and Watertight (WWT), as the name implies, are guaranteed to be watertight with no leaks. They do not meet the CSC requirements and may not be used for overseas shipments. While they may have been patched or repaired, they may work perfectly fine for uses such as storage, but are generally cheaper than CW since they do not require third-party inspection and can have more rust and dents.

  • As-Is: this one is probably obvious. These containers can be heavily rusted, dented, or even damaged like in the first pictures of this post.

Many companies selling shipping containers are under-capitalized and can’t afford to buy inventory until it's already sold to a customer. Once you specify the size and condition of the container you desire, they go to one of the ports, hoping to find whatever you've specified. So, the first time you see your container is when it arrives at your door. Hopefully, it meets with your approval.

Seeing is believing!

Bloxx takes a different approach. We invest heavily in our inventory so you can come to our facility and YOU select YOUR unit from dozens and dozens. No surprises!! That sets us apart from many others in the industry. Can’t make it to physically visit our location? We are happy to provide you with pictures of units from our onsite, available inventory. You pick your exact container from the many units in our possession. With Bloxx, you know what you're getting before it's delivered.

Customer service, happiness with purchase, and quality are our top priorities at Bloxx.

If you're not happy, we're not happy. We’ll make sure the problem is corrected. We're operating a company in an area where we've grown up and are raising families, so reputation is very important. We aren't some of the others who will make it an absolute headache to achieve satisfaction with your purchase.

Picking a container partner? Pick Bloxx Building. We're container and customer service obsessed!


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