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Looking for a tiny home to use as a primary or rental home for AirBnB or VRBO? We can help!

Bloxx Building offers container-based homes. These homes are fully insulated, heated and cooled, offer full bathrooms and kitchens, and can be customized to suit your individual color and style preferences. Wrapped in over four tons of steel per unit and anchored to a concrete foundation, these homes are sturdy and built to resist most anything Mother Nature has to offer. 


Containers offer numerous advantages for your application:
· They are robust and durable
· Relocatable- should your future plans change, these units may be easily moved within your complex, an entirely different location, or even sold
· While designed to be durable, they offer a relatively affordable solution.
· Their steel construction is extremely secure
· The container construction is designed to offer long-term serviceability with low maintenance hence low cost of ownership

Each Bloxx modular home comes with a data plate certifying that it complies with the State of Mississippi or Alabama modular home program and has passed all inspections

Beach Bungalow Top View 00_edited.png
Double Container Home-A Top View_edited.png
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