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If financing your Bloxx Building is your preferred route, we have a couple of options for you! 

Southeast US 

For projects over $50,000, we have a bank partner who can provide financing in LA, MS, AL, FL, and GA. This category is primarily for customers wanting multiple units.

Projects up to $50,000

The majority of our container projects fall in this category. To provide financing on these projects, we have partnered with Loanglide.

Benefits of Loanglide:

  • Soft credit pull to see if you qualify which means no impact on credit

  • Checking rates also does not affect your credit score

  • Payments don't begin until 30 days after the first draw on the loan

  • 680 is usually the lowest score to qualify

  • Apply with as many co-applicants as you want

If you have any questions or do not qualify on the first try, please reach out to a member of our team. We are happy to help!

Bloxx Building Payment Calculator and Financing Application

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