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Bloxx Building's product line, Camp Cubes, offer you the ability to have a hunting lodge remotely that is durable, secure, and affordable. These 320sqft units come in a variety of models ranging from base level to fully equipped, and offer a number of advantages:

  • Manufactured at our facility, the cost is far less than conventional construction especially in remote areas

  • If located on a deer lease, Camp Cube Lodges offer the advantage of being relocatable to a new area or lease

  • Built from over 4 tons of steel, they will resist most severe weather and are intended to be welded securely to the foundation

  • The rugged steel enclosures are secure to resist forced entry efforts in remote locations

  • Each unit has 2" of foam insulation 

  • Each unit is heated and cooled, fully wired for power, and has a bathroom

  • The mudroom offers a place to leave your muddy boots and gear, or it may be used as a porch with a television connection and power

  • The mudroom sliding glass doors can be upgraded to glass hinged doors (standard on the Summit) which creates an ATV garage. This enables you to leave your ATV securely stored for your next trip without the need to tow back and forth

  • The Summit offers a sliding door entrance on the side which can be fitted with an optional roll down security door or heavy gauge barn doors.



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Yes, we do have a financing option!

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Entry level unit that provides all of the basic features at a low price

Starts at $26,600

Layout Specs:

- 40' x 8' Container Lodge

- 160sq ft of living space

- 160sq ft utility/storage area

- Bathroom

     - Vanity sink

     - Toilet

Construction specs:

- Over 4 tons of steel structure

- 2" foam insulation

- Finished interior walls

- 12,000 BTU mini split AC/Heat unit

- Built to IRC 2018 Code Standards

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